caribbean gift basket

Whether it is to show gratitude or generosity, send your message to your staff by providing them with a fantastic gift basket or gift collection. For this matter, you should consider the best Caribbean gift baskets, which are made to order and filled with small treasures sourced in the Caribbean.

Because gifts are incredibly important when it comes to relationships, and thanks to a genuine display of island hospitality, you can leave a lasting impression on your employees. So, by giving a variety of local products and handicrafts that fit the needs of your staff, you can improve your relationships with them.

Why Gifts Are Important

Gifts are a common occurrence in our culture. People want tangible evidence that you care about them, something to turn to when they’re down so they can feel better.

Research on people’s preferences for receiving and giving gifts has also shown that thoughtfully chosen gifts are typically preferred to useless and uninteresting ones.

People frequently assume that expensive and extravagant gifts will always be well received, but this is untrue. According to a study, people favor useful items over extravagant ones. Furthermore, there is a price threshold below which the price difference is no longer relevant.

These findings suggest that gifts shouldn’t be either excessively expensive or too inexpensive. Cheap gifts convey a lack of concern for your workforce. Moreover, any workplace can attest to the fact that motivated workers produce better work and are more likely to stick around for the long haul.

Giving gifts to your staff will strengthen your relationship with them and show them how much you value them. They will also appreciate your gesture of appreciation, making them feel more motivated.

When to Give the Caribbean Gift Baskets

Once your staff members have arrived at the hotel, they will be ready to have a good time. They might or might not have traveled before, but one thing is for sure: they will appreciate thoughtful corporate event giveaways full of ready-to-use prizes and souvenirs.

By organizing a giveaway, you’ll give your employees the option to partake in an activity that improves their comfort while building team identity. So, let’s see some gift basket ideas based on the moment they are going to be used:

Caribbean Gift Baskets During the Meeting

Most of your staff will want event giveaways they can use and enjoy immediately. It’s a gesture that makes the relationship with your employees much warmer and starts the trip on a happy note. That’s why on the gift baskets, you should include some of the following ideas:

  • Beach time: You can include some sunscreen (just in case someone forgot it), a towel, a beach bag, straw hats, and sarongs for those who want to enjoy the beaches.
  • Little and big indulgences: Spoil your guests with corporate event giveaways they didn’t know they needed, including candles and local spa products for a relaxing day.
  • A taste of paradise: If your staff enjoys trying new foods, provide them with regional treats to keep them satisfied until their next meal. Consider regional rum cakes, candies, chips made from tropical roots, coffee, tea, rum, or wine.
  • Active pursuits: Give your guests useful items they can use, such as rain ponchos, binoculars, or underwater cameras, to make their snorkeling adventure or forest hike even more exciting.

Caribbean Gift Baskets After the Meeting 

By giving them truly unique keepsakes, you can use employee appreciation gifts to inspire memories of their happy vacations.

A genuine work of art will leave recipients feeling good about the giver while bringing home the vivid, unforgettable themes of the tropics. You can be sure that your employee appreciation gifts will reside in their homes or places of business.

You want the trip to be remembered fondly for years to come. Your employee appreciation gifts must be more than just an award plaque; they must be a topic of conversation.

It must be a genuine, regional gift that makes the recipient happy and fills them with pride for years to come. These are the kinds of employee appreciation gifts that foster a longer-lasting bond and result in years of support for your program.

You could also give them something they like so that whenever they use or eat it, they will be reminded of your mindfulness. 

For instance, you could provide them with regional snacks to share if your staff enjoyed the local cuisine. Given that it will be both an experience gift and a tasty treat, this is a great present. Giving gifts that show how much you know about the recipient strengthens your bond with them.

The Best Caribbean Gift Baskets for Employees

The following are the best ideas for Caribbean gift baskets to give to your employees. There are several types for all tastes and circumstances:

1. Hot Pepper Sauce and Caribbean Seasonings

For those who are in love with the tastes of the Caribbean, unfortunately, they are going to miss them when they have gone. Hot sauce packs are a great gift for spicy food lovers but also for people that aren’t into spicy food that much but want to give their preparations a Caribbean touch. This is because there are two options:

  • Tropical Fruit: Hot sauces highlighting Caribbean tropical fruits. These hot sauces aren’t highly spicy and will add a subtly fruity flavor to any dish bringing those who use them to the tropics.
  • Box of Fire: These are the hottest sauces with a smoky flavor. These hot sauces will set any tongue on fire. Consider it just for people who really like spicy flavors.

As icing on the cake, just add some Caribbean condiments and the staff who liked the cuisine will take what they liked so much home with them. With the Griller’s Seasonings and Island Party Seasonings, your employees will have:

  • Puerto Rican adobo: Garlic salt, onion, cumin, spices, pepper, turmeric and lemon oil.
  • Spiced rum grill: Garlic salt, brown sugar, spices, butter granules, rum and paprika.
  • Spicy pepper steak: Fine sea salt, annatto spice, ground mustard, black pepper, cumin, thyme, granulated onion, granulated garlic.
  • Island Magic: Coarse sea salt, minced garlic, minced onion, whole black peppercorns, crushed red pepper, thyme leaf, spices, whole rosemary.
  • Limin times seafood: Fine sea salt, granulated onion, granulated garlic, black pepper, oregano, spices, ground turmeric, cayenne pepper, thyme, and natural lime flavoring.
  • Lively up lime jerk: Fine sea salt, granulated garlic, granulated sugar, thyme leaf, black pepper, ginger, crushed red pepper, allspice, cinnamon, paprika, cayenne pepper, natural lime flavoring.

With a Caribbean gift basket like this one, no one will miss the tasty food from Puerto Rico.

2. Relaxing Aromatic Candles and Bath Salts

Suppose you want your employees to have the complete Caribbean experience; you can give them the chance to have a relaxing time with bath salts and aromatic candles. Thanks to the great variety of aromas, each one with different properties also, you can give your employees an unforgettable relaxing kit.

All the bath salts count with a calming combination of Caribbean Sea Salt, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E and are available in the following scents:

  • Chocolate: Moisturizes the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, is rich in antioxidants and makes the hair more elastic.
  • Coconut: Great to hydrate the skin, hair moisture preservative, anti-frizz, anti-aging.
  • Coffee: Cellulite reduction, calming effects, helps with acne and has anti-inflammatory action.
  • Mango: Enhances hair growth, helps with collagen formation, treats dandruff and reduces dead cells.
  • Orange: Prevents acne, controls skin aging, helps with skin lightening, has antioxidant properties and removes dead cells.
  • Papaya: It helps with hair growth and dandruff prevention, works as Melasma treatment, soothes Irritated skin and removes wrinkles.

3. Collectible Set

If some of your employees are more into the collection and long-lasting souvenir stuff, there are some good options too. You can give them a bundle of maps, Puerto Rican quarters and cigars (whether they smoke or not) to keep as souvenirs from the island.

You can add the antiqued Caribbean map, the antiqued Puerto Rico map, any of the Captain’s Choice cigars and the Puerto Rico quarter collection.

4. Tea and Coffee

There are plenty of reasons why your staff should try Caribbean Tea and Coffee, and rest assured that they will be grateful for this gift. Coffee is one of those aromas that remind of the Caribbean, and Caribbean coffee is considered to be one of the best coffees in the world; any coffee drinker will thank a bag of it.

The Caribbean tea, on its part, is carefully designed blends to remind whoever drinks it of the Caribbean, and it’s all made from organic and sustainable sources. The best part is that there are several flavors for all tastes, making it very personalizable.


Discover the best gifts that Caribbean Trading Corporate Gifts can offer for your staff during their travel by contacting us. We’re experts in delivering authentic and unforgettable gift baskets, so rest assured that your gifts will be outstanding and focus on start building new relationships with your staff.