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Please them with corporate event giveaways that provide comfort, convenience & a little tropical flair.

Your guests have arrived at the hotel ready to enjoy their well-earned trip. Some are world-weary travelers, others are new at this travel thing… but both types will revel in thoughtful corporate event giveaways that increases their comfort and eases their minds and gets them in the mood for a delightful stay in the tropics.

What they want is corporate event giveaways they can use and enjoy right now. It’s a gesture that makes your relationship to your guests that much warmer and starts the trip off on a happy note.

  • Beach time: The sun is shining, the water is clear. Be the hero by remembering to bring the sunscreen…. And the towel, beach bag, straw hats, and sarongs.
  • Indulgences big & small: From candles and local spa products to luxury apparel, spoil your guests with corporate event giveaways they’d never get for themselves.
  • A taste of paradise: Treat your guests to local snacks and sweets to tide them over until that next meal. Think local rum cakes, cookies and candy, tropical root chips, coffee, tea, rum or wine.
  • Active pursuits: Take that exciting snorkel trip or hike through the forest to the next level when you gift guests with handy items they can use: rain ponchos, binoculars, or underwater cameras.

A Sampling of the corporate event giveaways available.

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