How It Works For You.

Authentic Curated Gifts

We are a corporate gifts suppliers that offers you a personalized proposal of thoughtful gift options that are curated for quality and authenticity, crafted to your specifications/interests and budget. We’ve sifted through the fluff – all the parts that drive you crazy and leave you frustrated when you need a gift—figuring out where to begin, searching the stores, knowing what’s hot, uncovering something unique and unexpected. We love this stuff! Handling all of the details and headaches straight through to the day we deliver your gifts – on time, accurate, beautifully packaged and guaranteed to delight. We are experienced corporate gifts suppliers with more than 18 years of experience.

Pricing Explained.

Living in Paradise

In the tropics, there’s an ebb and flow to the availability of items. We consider all the important factors that impact the production of gift ideas to include in your custom proposal. No worries, we’ll use our local knowledge to make the recommendations on corporate gifts suppliers that respect your timing and budget.

  • Holiday and festival schedules.
  • Rain/humidity and curing/drying times issues for natural objects
  • Shipping schedules and customs clearance times
  • Purchasing minimums
  • Bulk and quantity discounts
  • High vs. low season (fluctuating inventories)
  • Artisan sabbaticals

How We Find Our Artisans.

The Art of the Caribbean Lifestyle

“Probably my favorite part of living here is seeking out new artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs to become Caribbean Trading Company partners. I’m always excited when I find a gift that instantly says ‘Caribbean’ to me. For so many years, cultural products were underdeveloped. There have been huge improvements, but I still enjoy the personal side and find many of my best artisans by word of mouth or with a knock on the door.” – Meghann

Over the last 15 years, we’ve searched the islands to fill our catalog with quality authentic products. We visit over 30 fairs and festivals a year, attend gift shows, and generally pound the sun-baked pavement to get to the best products and handicrafts available.

Our artisan group reflects the diversity of the islands. The artisans speak a number of languages. Some craft their wares as a second or third job, some dedicate their careers to the product. There are working class artisans and educated professionals in the group. What we all have in common is a passion for embodying the Caribbean life in authentic, inspiring gifts.

Many of our artisans and entrepreneurs have been with us for over 15 years. Those relationships are based on mutual respect. We are determined to get you great value at a fair price, and that will always reflect a fair wage to our artisans for their fine work.

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