Sunny, spicy, splashy, colorful,
beautifully crafted and totally memorable business gifts.

Authentic local suppliers. Unexpected, trendy, tasty products. Delightful artwork and designs. To find the business gifts that capture the inimitable feeling of a tropical escape, you need to live and breathe the Caribbean life. Meghann Hawes and the Caribbean Trading Company crew are happy to do just that.

Caribbean Trading Company founder Tim Collins moved from Wisconsin, to Florida, then to Puerto Rico. “For more than 19 years, we’ve been located in Puerto Rico in the heart of the tropics. We’re dedicated to finding products that capture the taste and scent and color and touch of this part of the world. And we love every minute of doing it.”

Meghann Hawes, who leads the Corporate Gift crew, elaborates on her department’s special mission. “We’re dedicated to knowing what meeting planners throughout the Caribbean want to accomplish. Our network is as deep as the blue Caribbean waters! We understand the local customs and logistics by heart, and we make the islands work for you and your event.”

“You want the warm, always-relaxed feeling and flavor of the Caribbean at your meeting and in your business gifts. We source locally so your guests can bring that island experience back home with them. The business gifts we help you choose are authentic. Everyone at your meeting will remember where they got the gift and who gave it. That makes all of us enjoy our work even more.”


Meghann Hawes Corporate Gift Director & General Manager

Corporate gift director and tropical shopper extraordinaire Meghann talks about the joy of her work:

“Even after all of these years here, I am still thrilled by the blue skies and the cold pina coladas and the rustling of the wind in the palm trees. Some days I drive by the ocean and think wow – this is my life. I approach everything from a traveller’s perspective – the weather, culture, sights and sounds – all of it is still endlessly enchanting. I want to see and do everything and then do it again…. Feast on local dishes, dance at all the festivals, and swim out from every beach.

I hope the authentic, artisan-crafted business gifts I discover help bring Caribbean moments to life for all your guests. The touch, taste, and feel of our local products will bring a wave of tropical memories back long after your guests’ trip ends, reminding them of the relationship they have to the people who gave the gift, and the place where they received it… The tropics, where the sun is always shining.”

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