The Basics of Building Team Identity - Why & How

Sometimes, it is not simple to form a group naturally. It depends on the members’ charisma, traits, and many other matters. That’s why learning the basics of building team identity is key to forming an organization’s crew.

Some steps must be taken to establish a good team identity and build bonds, trust, and good relationships. Those are some of the many concerns a team leader has to think of to fix, solve or address. Having a mission and a vision is key to developing a group of people capable of working together correctly.

The Basics of Building Team Identity

Building a team identity is vital to growing and developing any project. But most of the time when starting working, people don’t know each other. So a leader has to work and put effort into letting them merge into a big one mind.

Every person from the group must commit voluntarily to work with the other members to achieve a project goal. Many tasks will have problems that they will have to solve as a whole. This group reflects many motivations, goals, values, and morals of the members who make up the team. 

That’s why members need to think less about their personal goals and switch to a more collective seeking milestone. This will create a well-established team ready to succeed. And these are the most common basics for a leader to help a team to build that relationship:

Overview of the Team Skills

Knowing the team’s skills and past experiences is essential when choosing the right personnel. In addition, businesses recommend team members write down what they expect and contribute to the company’s upcoming projects.

Establish a Team Vision

The first mission or task given to a team must be one they all can understand and realize. Giving them the support and tools needed to realize it is essential since it can shape how the whole group will manage.

Define a New Working Method

Every team member needs to be encouraged to work as a team, under their “own team” rules. This means they must realize specific procedures and tasks and employ the necessary tips to achieve them. In addition, it’s recommended that they not employ tactics from their former groups but develop new ones.

Discussing and resolving any issue that could happen is also crucial. Addressing a conflict as soon as possible can prevent headaches and allow more productive and enjoyable working sessions.

Clarify the Leadership

Every team needs leaders to represent each division or functional area of a project. This group leader must clarify who is the authority and who can take decisions outside the team’s approbation. Also, it is vital to set a level of autonomy for each employee to allow their creativeness to flow.

Be Attentive of Their Needs

A good leader cares about their group. Checking how they feel, what can be improved, or what they need is essential for a healthy team. This helps to build a comfortable and very productive space where relationships usually flow.

It’s crucial to recognize that every member is an individual, and all of them have a unique personality. This includes a whole group of complexity: different learning styles and times, introversion and extroversion, and other traits.

Fulfilling every team’s whim and needs is impossible, so the leader’s role is to negotiate and satisfy the possible ones. This helps to achieve mitigating any conflict a worker might have.

Remembering always to thank them for their achieved tasks, honoring their project commitments, and encouraging them is necessary too. Those small details encourage everyone to keep realizing their activities at the same level.

Coordinate the Group

Trying to be the perfect leader who checks every detail by themselves isn’t enough. Instead, be sure to choose one person from the group as a project manager, to lead the team and coordinate everything necessary.

A project manager also ensures that every member is working to reach the goal and focus their attention on the job.

Other Tips for Building a Team Identity

Organizations also recommend other minor bits of advice and tips to maintain a good and successful team, such as:

  • Discuss goals: It is crucial to establish goals by encouraging members to write down what they want to achieve during the short, mid, and long term. Make sure to keep those goals visible somewhere to motivate employees and help them complete them.
  • Find creative solutions to problems: no matter if it’s an individual issue, all of them need to be fixed as a team. In addition, being creative helps to develop new skills and explore new ways to solve things.
  • Build social opportunities: encouraging social activities during break or after work is key to a healthy coworker relationship.

Building Team Identity Through Business Trips

Of course, the basics are not the only way to ensure a group gets to know each other. For example, to build a good relationship between a team, some companies decide to make certain business trips mix business and leisure. This works for a more relaxed job experience and benefits of a holiday.

Paradise islands are trending and hot picks for businesses to schedule a trip. This is because of its special and unique scenery, adapted for a relaxing and calm experience. In addition, exotic destinations such as Puerto Rico are suitable and perfect places to go.

Perfect weather that is warm most of the year, great beaches, and an extensive list of luxurious hotels and resorts all-inclusive make the Caribbean a wise decision.

Spend Time Bonding

A “bleisure” trip is a suitable moment for a team to have a pleasant and calm time together and get to know each other. Learning about their coworkers will help them learn and understand what every single member likes or dislikes.

During the trip weeks, it will be more noticeable that the team members will show more trust and confidence towards their colleagues. As a result, performance will improve in the long term, making any possible issue more unlikely to happen.

Also, a good quality trip will undoubtedly bring many lovely memories to the team, having a powerful emotional impact. Realizing activities together, hanging out, and working abroad is an experience not everyone does all the time.

The most common and straightforward activities the group can realize are: going out to eat together, spending a day at the beach, or planning a tour.

Choosing the Best Accommodation

Accommodation is essential, not only for pleasure. There is no point in choosing an impressive five stars all-inclusive resort if the entire team has to travel to the office or meet for a couple of hours. Depending on the team, a good internet connection and charging devices are a must.

As for relaxation, organizations tend to book places with different activities to try and cover most of the team’s needs. Gyms, a pool or beach access, dancing rooms with bars or restaurants, and accommodations like TV are the hot picks.

In addition, some places include services such as room catering and conference meeting places for the group to reunite and work there.

Make Use of Corporate Gifts

Incentives such as corporate gifts or giveaways are a great option to boost the entire group’s mood. It also shows signals of a caring or attentive leader who wants their employees to have the best trip.

It can be a handmade item for decoration or a consumable ready to use during the trip. Some great examples are packs including sunscreen, towels, and hats for the beach or candles and spa products for a relaxing day at the hotel spa.

Local snacks, sweets, or liquors are also an excellent addition for those looking for a “local basket” of treats. The most shared articles from Puerto Rico for tourists are always included there.

Beaches to Visit

There are many beaches to choose from, all spectacular and unique. Flamenco, Luquillo, Vieques, and Playa Sucia are the most visited and renowned ones. Their crystal blue waters and golden sands make it beautiful scenery.


Knowing the basics of building team identity is essential since it shapes how an organization might work. A competent team that understands each other is key to achieving a successful business and healthy working space.

Activities such as business trips are the best way to let workers bond between them. Nowadays, organizations choose exotic places such as the Caribbean region to realize their business and leisure activities.

This brings many benefits to both parties. First, because it’s cheaper for an organization to book a week trip instead of an individual vacation for each one, it also helps to develop the coworkers’ relationships. At the same time, they have a great time together.