We all agree that travelling gives us a new lease of life, but what about corporate travel? Although business trips are as exciting as normal trips, employees may find them a tad tedious: they can’t forget it’s a work-related outing. However, business managers can profit from corporate travels vastly: they are the perfect opportunity to improve the relationship between employees and employers while both parties have a great time.

So, how can you improve your relationship with your employees during corporate travels? Giving the best Caribbean gifts online is the ideal option for this goal: it leaves your employees longing for more corporate travels and makes them never forget those fun moments they experienced with their peers and superiors.

The Importance of Gift Giving

Happy workers are the best workers

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Is it a myth that workers have higher productivity when they are happy? Happy workforce is nothing to be sneezed at: it fosters productivity, loyalty and companies’ popularity. Why productivity? A study conducted by Oxford University in 2019 found that happy telesales workers sell and call 13% more than the average telesales worker. The statistics show that the correlation between cheerful employees and production is no myth, thus, one of your priorities as a business manager should be giving gifts from time to time.

Another way of inspiring new workers is promoting your company through your workers’ positive attitude towards the company. Clients are not the only party that makes reviews about your company, your workers also do, be it former or present employees. How your employees view the workplace they are in has an impact on newcomers. Developing a friendly workplace culture plays a huge role in the making of an outstanding reputation. Let’s say your company does at least 3 corporate travels per year, which is one of the details that tells your company apart, but your employees have had bad experiences in said trips. This will make your employees point that flaw out to friends and new staff while describing this unique feature as a downside. This could easily be avoided with a corporate event giveaway that boosts the feature your company is so proud of.

The impression you give off is key

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Lastly, bosses should always guarantee their employees’ comfort. Research made in 2019 discovered that 57% of the people who quit their jobs do so because they don’t like their boss whereas another research proved that 79% of the resignations were submitted because workers didn’t feel appreciated enough in their jobs. A manager should always strive for their employees to not only like the company, but to also make them like the person they are working for. It’s a worthy investment in the workforce.

Gift Giving Strategies in Corporate Travel

Gifts are not enough if you want to make your employees love you. Sometimes, gifts need to be delivered in a unique fashion to produce a lasting impression. Now we’ll be presenting some of the gift giving strategies we came up with to make the best out of corporate travelling.

Before the trip

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Small samples work wonders when igniting anticipation. Local snacks, posters displaying tourist spots and aromatic soaps and candles make your future travellers excited for what’s to come.

During the trip

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Gifts are not only souvenirs; they could also be functional items. Frequent travellers value functionality above all else: this is where gift giveaways take the spotlight. Are you planning a sightseeing tour of a tropical city? Hand out sunglasses, hats, light clothes, purses and wallets. With these gifts, your employees won’t worry about what to bring along for the tour and will instead focus on enjoying the group activity. Is your destination a beach? Prepare sunscreen, beach umbrellas, foldable chairs, tropical-themed bags and snacks so that your workers can let their hair down without issue.

Another strategy to make you the number one boss is to account for each worker’s preferences. Observe what your workers are like and ask yourself ‘What gifts would they like?’ When you have your selection of gifts ready, prepare interactive gift giveaways where your employees get to choose what they want. Heavy smokers will certainly pick a local Havana cigar. Those who love wearing exotic garments will feast their eyes on displayed jewelry which they can take. Giving the freedom of choice to your employee makes them more invested in the trip and the giveaway; it also depicts you as a thoughtful boss and person.

After the trip

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Now’s the perfect time to deliver souvenirs and local goods! As a manager, you’ll want your workforce to remember the spots they visited fondly. Take them back with local snacks, coffee, fragrances and souvenirs. Souvenirs work as a perfect reminder of their holidays: not only your employees will be remembering those days, but their relatives and friends will also wonder about your company, which in return increases your company’s popularity.

Advertise your company with personalized and logo’d gifts

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We previously dwelled on the importance of making a worker feel valued in their workplace, and these types of gifts will certainly do the trick. Personalized gifts add a lot of emotional value to the gifts you’re giving: employees usually think gifts are nothing but a formality, but if they see their names carved on the gifts you’re giving they’ll know you’re thankful for their work and progress. You can also hand over logo’d gifts. It’s a small detail that it may seem unnecessary, however, it’s a perfect chance to advertise the name of your brand. Be mindful that the gifts you deliver will be shown to your employees’ social circle, provided they are happy about said gifts.

Gift Giving in Corporate Tropical Travelling

Reasons why gifts are assets of corporate travel

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First off, are gifts really compulsory in corporate travel? Definitely. Corporate travel is not a ‘gift’ to your employees. Granted, they get to enjoy themselves, however, they can’t immerse themselves in the trip. Employees might be stressed out about the trip itself, mostly because they have to adapt to a new place while working, or they might be too focused on their responsibilities. That’s where gift giving enters the stage.

Is your corporate travel arranged in Tokyo? Prepare a shopping tour to Ginza District and make your employees (and yourself!) take with them valuable souvenirs to look back at that time they went to Tokyo. Will your company negotiate a deal in Puerto Rico? Increase your worker’s curiosity with caribbean teaser gifts. This strategy leads people to expect a high quality business trip. These small details make your company stand out from the others with the plus of raising your productivity. Corporate Travels are full of opportunities to improve your employee relations, it’s almost unbelievable.

Improve your employee relations with the best Caribbean online shop.

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So… where do I get the best Caribbean gifts online? Look no further: Caribbean Trading provides the perfect corporate travel gifts and gift giveaways ideas that’ll surprise both your employees’ expectations and yours!

We can’t stress enough the benefits of gift giving in corporate travels. Your workforce should long for such occasions, not despise them. If your workers perceive business travelling as a small vacation of sorts, then you’ve made the right call: now you’ll have extremely motivated workers who’ll be eagerly awaiting the next trip on the calendar.

Gift giving sounds like a hefty compromise that’s more of a liability than an asset and, as with every other investment, the results won’t materialize immediately. Nevertheless, your image, your employee-employer relationship and the gratification of the activities you had arranged can all be upgraded within a span of a few days. Any manager would take this opportunity with haste! Let us aid your company and your crusade to create a legacy!

All in all, corporate travel is a godsend and you should capitalize on it. The main purpose of corporate travel is to make an unforgettable trip full of wonderful memories for both you and your employees. If you bear this in mind, then nothing can go wrong!