7 Tips on How to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Work

A business trip can include leaving several things behind for a while. This includes routine changes, and depending on the place where the trip is assigned, most people gain weight due to a lack of exercise and bad food. Fortunately, there are some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling for work.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Work

In order to travel for work and still maintain a shape, there are some exercises and food tips everyone should follow. These are:

1- Drink Water

Water helps to keep the body hydrated, especially during hot seasons and places such as the Caribbean. It also can release the toxins that the body may have, especially after eating something.

A good amount of water reduces appetite too, making the food consumed significantly less. It is always recommended to carry a bottle of water when going out, or buy a self-filtered one in the closest shop.

2- Go For Daily Walks

Going for a walk or hiking during breaks or free time is good advice. This should not be a problem when visiting another place since it could count as tourism or sightseeing, making it a win-win situation. There’s nothing better than knowing and learning about a new place and doing exercise at the same time.

It is also a money saver situation, leaving early from the hotel and walking to the meeting will save the cab stored money. At the end of the day, all the exercise done will help to fall asleep early and to be ready in the morning again.

3- Do Exercise

There are many hotels and resorts that have a gym for its clients. If this is not the case, there are many other activities to keep the body moving. Sit-ups, crunches, squats and lunges help to burn calories and waste energy.

Leg raises and push-ups can also be done with the help of a chair. It is vital to keep in mind not to over exercise these practices, not everyone is used to it. Keeping a normal gym routine is the best way to keep the body healthy.

Another great option is renting a bicycle and going around the city to explore it while exercising. Employees can also use it for work. The doctor’s recommendation is to always walk or bike if the destination is within ten blocks and in a safe area.

4- Learn What to Eat

Not all foods are healthy, and some have more calories than others. Knowing what to consume is crucial to stay fit. Even some foods that look healthy can have extremely high calories.

Purchasing food from local markets, prioritizing vegetables and fruits can really make a difference instead of going to a restaurant. Also, clients will be helping a local business and receive a more local experience.

5- Consume Yogurt

Yogurts are an excellent source of probiotics and nutrients. Eating one during breakfast or break office times can mean a boost of energy and health. It also strengthens the immune system and keeps the digestive tract working properly.

Foods from other countries can severely affect the travelers. Eating certain products is something not everyone is used to. Illnesses such as diarrhea or other stomach issues are prone to happen. Yogurts help with this digestion, avoiding some issues.

6- Sleep Well

It is important to keep a balanced routine and schedule. In order to achieve that, it is important to sleep well everyday. Many benefits come from a good night, so making sure to do it is vital. Most people need from seven to eight hours in order to perform properly.

Following some of the steps mentioned before such as eating healthy and doing daily exercise will help to fall asleep faster.

7- Schedule Routines

Traveling can be very tiring sometimes. People want to use the most of it and do things nonstop, without giving the body a break. Preparing a schedule to work, walk, eat and mixing it with relaxed times is crucial to not stress the mind and body.

Waking up at the same time, eating around the same periods and setting up specific hours aid the body to stabilize and perform better.

Foods You Should Avoid

In order to know how to stay healthy while traveling for work, people need to know that there are some foods that should be completely avoided. Why? Because international food from different cultures can provoke different issues and illnesses to the stomach.

Undercooked, unwashed, mishandled or left-out food are the most common problems that can provoke salmonella in these foods:

  • Raw foods such as seafood or salads
  • Tap water
  • Buffets
  • Unpasteurized dairy
  • Pre-packaged food
  • Street food

Healthy Trip Food

Knowing to avoid certain foods is the first step. Thankfully, there are many menus that include tasty and healthy dishes to try while traveling to other countries.

Pre-packaged non-perishables are probably the best option to go when choosing a healthy plate. They do not require freezing or refrigeration, and have a wide range of options (dried fruits, nuts, soups, pasta or jerky).

Also, many hotels have refrigerators, and in some cases they even include sinks, ovens and microwaves to prepare their own food. 

Some people also like to do meal preparation before going on a trip. Cooking it the night before leaving, they pack everything in plastic food containers and stash it inside temperature-controlled lunchboxes. Then, store them in refrigerators after arrival or consumption.

Important Things for a Healthy Corporate Trip

Corporations need to take care and design healthy schedules for their employees. This increases the odds of an overall good experience. Luckily, there are many options to choose from and ensure everything will go smoothly.

Between the more remarkable options that companies take for a fit and healthy trip, packing snacks is one of the greatest options. Different products such as granola bars, nut mixes or fruits are perfect for that hunger moment and fit almost anywhere. They also provide an energy boost and are very healthy.

Providing them different products to sanitize is also a must. Lots of germs spread by coughing or sneezing, especially in close spaces such as a plane. Travel wipes are really important, as well as washing the hands before and after eating.

Giving breaks and free time for everyone to go and do what they like is vital. This not only avoids stress but also to relax and improve the mood. Like mentioned before, encouraging gym activities or going for a walk are viable options to discover the city and stay fit at the same time.

Healthy food baskets are a good option to start a corporate trip. Local snacks to eat between meals, cookies or coffee can help energize a busy day. Employees will also feel more active to work and exercise more, so it’s a win-win situation.

These planned meals are very useful for specific moments too, like going for a long trip by bus where there is no time to stop and eat comfortably.


There are many ways to stay fit and healthy when going for a business trip. It is vital to do exercise, go for walks and ensure the body has a break time to rest and gain energy.

Remembering what foods are unhealthy for the stomach is also crucial to keep in mind, not only for gaining weight but for not getting illness. Diarrhea, salmonella or any other problem could ruin your entire trip.