How to Bond With a Remote Team

Workers must know how to bond with a remote team in order to get along well with each other. Teams can connect in different ways when they are not in the same workplace: virtual space, communication, getting personal, entertainment, and face-to-face meetings.

These options allow for a progression in the relationship of a team. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to be linked by a strong bond is through corporate travels.

Managing a virtual team is challenging and therefore working remotely requires creating a joint group. They must be connected despite the distance among the members.

Technology truly impacted the working world and brought about new forms to conceive professional relationships. Given that remote work has gained territory in the last years, bonds became enormously essential.

Why Should a Team Forge a Bond?

Forming a bond can be a challenging task, but it is worth the effort. Strong Relationships might be crucial and a game-changer since they may increase the efficiency and productivity of a team.

When workers perceive that they are treated humanely or kindly, they may improve their performance.

Mistreatment and distance among people in a team may end up being detrimental to the company or working entity. Due to discomfort in the workplace and unwillingness to relate to others, the combination of these can result in low-quality work.

In general, shoddy work destroys the reputation and leads to the loss of earnings.

Ways to Develop a Bond

There are different ways that make it easier how to bond with a remote team.

Virtual Space

The virtual space is a must because that is where all the employees will meet. Although this is just an online site or platform, this will the workplace and will organize the work that every person is expected to do. This will also let the team have a channel to chat with the others.


Communication is key because that is how humans establish contact and express their ideas and concerns. A team should foster it so that they can work as a unit and reinforce human interactions. Everybody must try to communicate since it will permit us to understand each other.

Getting Personal

Getting personal will also help teams develop significant relationships. When people can share more information about their personal life, preferences, and hobbies, they are more likely to feel more comfortable in a social circle.

As long as people get to know each other and learn more about their coworkers, this will lead them to open up and deepen their formal relationships.

However, this should not be forced and people must not inquire about others’ life on the first day. Human beings are not machines, and therefore they need their time and space.

In addition, not everyone is willing to reveal so much about themselves. While some are introverts and consider that privacy is essential, others are extroverts and enjoy sharing their personal life with others.


Entertainment is a way to share time with other people. Finding a common interest in the group will provide them with a plan outside work.

For example, hosting gaming nights could be a clever plan as video games are now a common way to use leisure time. It is a stimulating idea since it allows for relaxation and tons of fun.

In addition to this, the coworkers will be able to find a distraction and probably have conversations about topics that are not related to professional life.

Virtual Calls

Working remotely may make us lonely and get isolated from the rest of the team. People like being heard and receiving attention in most cases. Thus, an online meeting is a perfect excuse to chat with somebody and learn more about him.

Virtual calls can be arranged with a frequency that permits individuals to not feel invaded.

Face-To-Face Meetings

With the intention of fully knowing a person, we must meet them in real life. Individuals may have a vague idea about somebody who shares about himself in a virtual context. But that is not enough to reflect someone’s personality.

That’s why, when teams get together and finally see one another, the members will end up reflecting on the characteristic traits of their personalities. Clothing, body language, facial expressions, gestures, and ways of talking are features that give individuals an identity.

Once colleagues meet, they may understand their individuality and bridge the gap between them. This will further strengthen the link and be beneficial for the workplace.

Corporate Travels

This is the last step when it comes to reinforcing the link among colleagues. The destination to strengthen the bond must be special and become a precious memory for the team.

Should the team decide to go on with this plan, they must choose a place that fulfills the requirements. Many of us have ever dreamed of visiting an exotic destination. Puerto Rico or Cancun might be the perfect places thanks to their heavenly beaches and tropical climate.

Furthermore, traveling together has substantial benefits.

Develop a Bond

Group travels will make the relationship blossom given that the members will share several days together. Coworkers will learn more about each other and manage to better understand their mates.

Before this plan, they only knew the professional aspect of their lives. Now, they will see how they act in different situations and how they relate to the rest of the group.

The team will look at each other with different eyes, being an indicator that the bond was taken to the following level. Trust and confidence are now included in the relationship.


This experience is likely to be part of the fondest and most meaningful memories of the team. They were together hanging out and doing the same activities at this destination.

Colleagues will also have many stories to tell and inside jokes. So, the level of formality will lower, and the distance among coworkers will be reduced.

Long-lasting memories can give a sense of family.

Meals together

This plan is the simplest form to meet someone. Having meals together with group travel is a wonderful excuse to get to know teammates in depth.

This way, conversations related to personal life may take place while tasting delicious food. Besides, meals taste better when shared with others!

Having a Blast

Being alone could be boring and nobody will be taking your photographs. Fun in groups is much more enjoyable and lets individuals appreciate others’ perspectives while embarking on new adventures.

Furthermore, sharing experiences with others is more valuable. Imagine for a second the whole team going scuba-diving, swimming, surfing, kayaking, or skiing. That is priceless.

New Friends

Spending days with colleagues will allow for new opportunities to cultivate new friendships. Maybe, some members figure out that they have some interests in common. This provides them with a reason to become friends.

When somebody easily connects with others, they will enjoy each moment together. Thus, after traveling they might be not only working partners but also buddies in real life.

Strength and Support

Some individuals perform better depending on the task they have to do. During the stay, many of the responsibilities will be divided among the members.

Staying with each other allows teammates to notice the capacities of every member outside work. This will let everybody know how they can contribute positively to the team.

While being together, colleagues will support themselves so that they function as a unit. This will clearly make camaraderie grow.

Safety in Groups

When going abroad, being alone might be a bit intimidating since a person is out of his comfort zone. That’s why having a group will let people rely on others and therefore everyone will feel safer.

It is not that something bad is going to happen to someone for being alone in unknown territory. The fact is that being accompanied will provide the team with a means of protection, especially at night.


Group travels are more convenient due to cost reduction. Individual tickets are normally more expensive and this prevents people from having their dream vacations.


Beyond having different tools to bond with a remote team, the fact is that confidence, trust, and human connections are not created overnight. Healthy and lasting relationships take up much time, and they are not a mechanical process.

Several activities to connect with a group are outside working hours and therefore nobody should be compelled to participate in them. Consent is the engine for every connection and this will be a sign indicating that the relationship is building up.

In terms of personality, individuals are unique and everybody has their own idiosyncrasy. That’s why coworkers must respect each other and understand their life choices.

This first step will be the starting point for strengthening a bond and avoiding the creation of a toxic work environment.