Corporate Travel

Group work in an organization is extremely important but not easy. This is because companies are made up of people with different ways of seeing things, and all of them must achieve a common goal. 

Good interpersonal relations in a company are reflected in its productivity. Therefore, taking care of the relationship between coworkers is essential. This will create an ideal working environment. In turn, employees must feel cared for, motivated and appreciated for their performance to be 100% optimal.

There are several ways to strengthen work bonds and motivate employees. Below, you will learn how the right management of a corporate trip will greatly help your company in both aspects.

Reasons to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Valuing your employees and showing it will motivate them to perform their job in the best possible way. Here are some advantages you will get if you care about motivating them:

  • They will perform better because they will feel better at their job and perform it more effectively.
  • The feeling of belonging to the company and the team will increase. 
  • New ideas will flourish more easily, and they will feel comfortable transmitting them to their superiors. 
  • The company’s productivity will increase. The workers obtain greater growth and personal and professional recognition.
  • The company’s image will improve as human capital is valued. 
  • There will be greater business competitiveness.

Humans move to action for different reasons that motivate them. If this motivation ceases to exist, your company’s performance will plummet.

How Can a Corporate Trip Help Your Employees’ Motivation?

Corporate travel serves several purposes. They are a great benefit not only for business but also to incentivize a company’s employees. These trips work as an “emotional paycheck,” reflected in how employees perform.

When employees know that they will get a corporate trip by doing their job well, they are motivated and make a greater effort in developing their tasks. In this way, the company constantly reaches the objectives it has set itself.

Aspects That Will Improve the Company With A Corporate Trip:

Many companies are still unaware of the benefits that this type of travel brings to their business. But the reality is that understanding its impact will make them see it as an investment instead of an expense.

Attracting Skilled Employees

It used to be that companies chose their employees. Today this decision is not entirely up to the company. Job applicants value and choose which companies to work for. 

This is more accentuated when the applicants are highly qualified for the positions. They will have a variety of options to choose from. 

With these methods, you will attract and retain talented and skilled staff and prevent employees from wanting to quit once they have experience and learned the job.

Improved Bonding

There’s nothing better than a group trip to reinforce camaraderie. Getting to know each other better makes for better communication regarding working. In this way, in addition to increasing productivity and teamwork, it will also improve the relationship between colleagues.

These trips can be organized for work teams within the company. This can give rise to very good ideas in specific fields.

Promotes the Company

A well-managed, well-communicated, and well-publicized trip will help to raise the company’s image among employees who are part of the company and those who have an external relationship with the company.

Employees will advertise the company well. In addition, the companies or suppliers you work with and society, in general, will notice the treatment and care you provide to your employees.

Boosts Productivity 

There are two reasons for this increase in productivity. First, when employees know that a trip can reward their work, they increase their efforts and, therefore, the company’s productivity and profitability.

Secondly, when they return from the trip, they will be calmer, rested, and de-stressed. This will help them to perform better in their tasks. Thus becoming a more productive group.

Gives the Feeling of Belonging to a Group

The positive relationship with coworkers and the experiences lived on trips, thanks to the company, make the employee feels part of the company. Identification with their position and position in the company is created, and they feel proud of the rewards they receive.

Everyone finds it interesting to be part of a company that motivates, rewards and treats them with travel.

What to Take Into Account When Managing a Corporate Trip?

To take advantage of the abovementioned motivation and relationship-building issues in corporate travel, you should consider a few points.

Adopting these points for your company’s HR policies will make it admired by your employees and other companies:

Corporate Gifts

Details matter. Adding corporate gifts to the itinerary is an excellent tip to show off. Some companies are dedicated to advising and preparing the right corporate gifts customized to your situation.

The gifts can be given during the trip and on special dates. This serves to incentivize employees with an upcoming trip, raising their expectations, as well as granting many other benefits. Other useful gifts to accompany their stay in the chosen destination are also very welcome.


Interspersing moments of recreation with training would be ideal when organizing your travel itinerary. 

On the one hand, your company’s employees will feel satisfied and valued for the opportunity given to them. They will know that the company values them for their work and is looking for them to continue to improve themselves. It will motivate them to know that they have a job that takes care of them instead of moving at any time.

On the other hand, this training will provide your company with employees who are up to the task. As a result, workers will be better able to help solve concrete problems daily, decreasing the need for supervision and workplace accidents. 

Recreational and Cultural Activities

If the company invests money in transferring personnel to another country, keeping them in places where they can feel comfortable would be appropriate. The employees must get to know typical places and activities of the place they visit. For recreation time, activities can be organized such as:

  • Lunch in typical restaurants in the place
  • Visits to museums
  • Snorkeling 
  • Skiing 
  • Hiking 
  • Cycling 
  • Rafting 
  • Shopping tours
  • Concerts
  • Theaters 
  • Beach days 

These activities will strengthen the bonds between employees. Keep in mind that no member of the team is excluded for not being able to participate in any of these activities.

Team Building Games 

These games will help employees get to know each other better and strengthen team spirit. Without a doubt, it will also be a great pastime. Below you will find 3 examples of all the team-building games you can incorporate into your corporate travel management:

  • Two truths, one lie
  • Say it with mime 
  • Birthday line

These games can be used early in the morning before starting a meeting. This will start the day more enjoyably. Another option is to use them as a “break” between meetings and conferences.


The company cannot neglect one area because it will be reflected in other aspects. That is to say, if you worry only about sales but neglect the personnel, your effort will be in vain because productivity will not advance, and therefore sales will not advance either.

Human relations are more complex than having machines in charge. For this reason, companies must be wise and creative in taking care of the emotional aspect. 

You already know the importance of motivation and how a corporate trip can be an excellent tool. Remember to follow the tips in its management to have happy and efficient workers.