Gift giving is one of the most important moments in birthdays, holidays and corporate travelling. Why is it? We’ll break down the reasons why gifts are so relevant in regards to relationships and how you can improve yours with the best Puerto Rican gift baskets that fit your employees needs.

The Essence of Gift Giving

Why Gifts Are Important

Gifts are an ever-present aspect of our society, but why? It’s certain that you’ve seen or heard the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ in books, TV shows and even in your conversations at least 100 times. This is because people want proof you care for them: something they can look at when distressed that can cheer them up. Research about the desires of both giving and receiving gifts have also proven that people usually enjoy carefully picked gifts rather than impractical and uninterested gifts.

It is believed happiness is contagious, and gifts are a solid confirmation. A survey made by SurveyMonkey states gift giving is the love language of 68% of the people questioned.

Thoughtfulness in Gift Giving

People tend to think that expensive and fancy gifts will always be liked, but that’s not the case. A study made in 2014 shows people prefer practical items rather than over-the-top items. Jeff Galak, an associate professor of marketing at the Carnegie Tepper School of Business, states there’s a certain price thresholder in which the price discrepancy becomes irrelevant. What does this mean? According to these observations, gifts shouldn’t be either too expensive nor too cheap: frugal gifts give off the impression you don’t care that much about your workforce, whereas outrageous gifts may portray you as someone who’s willing to do anything to maintain your employees in your company.

So, what do we take from these studies? Research has proven time and time again that asking someone what they want or giving a gift they will use regularly make the receivers happier. You could also give a gift that both you and your loved ones like so that they think about your mindfulness when they see it, use it or eat it. For example, if your employees were charmed by the local food, you could hand over local snacks to share. This is an excellent gift since it’ll be both an experience gift and a delicious treat.

Gifts Impress People

It’s believed gifts can strengthen relationships. This is an absolute truth.

Gifts that exhibit how much you know about others greatly improves the relationship between you and the recipient. This is also true for any workplace: motivated employees will have better results and have a higher chance of staying in your company for a longer period of time. Gift giving tends to be a bonding experience for both parties; it’ll depict you as a manager that it’s appreciative of their employees’ work while your workforce gets to know you better and how they react to your display of gratitude. Since this is no small deal, you should carefully pick what you want to give.

However, even if you’re unsure whether your gifts will be well received, taking the risk is 100% worth the shot: research verified that 90,70% of gifts improved relationships, 7,75% weakened relationships and only 1,55% ended relationships. Of course, we don’t recommend that you should be giving gifts left and right on the off-chance of improving your relationships, but we do suggest that you take the chance whenever you see fit. We also suggest that you pay attention to your workers’ important events so that you can fully benefit from corporate gifts while improving your image as a tactful boss.

Why Puerto Rican Gifts?

Make Your Employees Feel Puerto Rico at Home

Puerto Rico is one of the most toured countries in Latin America and for good reason: beautiful community, impressive art and otherworldly tastes. However, corporate travel doesn’t last forever and Puerto Rico will be a distant dream for your workers. There’s a solution to this: Puerto Rican gift baskets! With these gifts, you can make your employees hold on to the emotions they had in Puerto Rico, which will provide a lingering spirited mood in the workplace. These baskets, along with other amazing gifts will remind your employees of the benefits of working in your company, which is corporate travel.

Gifts Filled with Unique Identity

We all know the little bit of disappointment we get whenever we get normal-looking regular gifts, such as socks, hairbrushers and deodorants. What if I told you that you can 100% avoid this with Puerto Rican gifts? Everyone wishes for a gift that is unique, fancy, practical or delicious. Our selection of gifts holds all of those features.

Puerto Rican culture is unique due to the fact it’s a country influenced by both Latin American and North American customs. The Puerto Rican art is quite astounding, since most artisans take pride in the Puerto Rican style of painting and carving, and the local snacks are so different from most countries of the world thanks to the country’s tropical climate. The variety of gifts you can take with you from Puerto Rico is unparalleled. Even online!

Handmade Gifts Are Eco-Friendly Gifts

Environmental issues have been more notorious in the last decades. It’s no wonder why many entities are making a great effort in promoting eco-friendly products so that the place we live in is better for every living being. Caribbean Trading is one of those companies.

Since 1998, we’ve been working with local handcrafters to not only assist small businesses, but to also contribute to a much needed positive environmental impact. We maintain and look for new partnerships with local artisans with the intention of helping out both Puerto Rican people and our world. You should also take part in reducing greenhouse footprints at the same time you’re mesmerizing the people you care for with handmade Puerto Rican gifts!

Caribbean Trading as your Best Option!

Our Selection of the Best Puerto Rican Gift Baskets

Do you happen to know about a freshman who’s all for sweets and light snacks? Get them one of our baskets that features plantain chips, Florecitas, coconut milk and handmade juice so that they can taste Puerto Rico whenever they want to!

One of your employees loves shopping and wants a shopping bag for themselves? You could acquire one of our handmade nature-themed shopping bags. Now shopping will be easier and more enjoyable since they will have something to show off!

A worker of yours loves going on corporate travels but you can’t bring them along this time round? Bring them one our gift baskets filled with Puerto Rican souvenirs so that they can cherish the Caribbean and your thoughtfulness too! They’ll be loving your consideration towards them. The souvenirs will make for a great reminder: their passion for corporate travel is something you value, so they are sure to join in on the next trip, which is something they can look forward to!

As you can see, we have a selection of various gift baskets fitting for different kinds of people. Be it a snack lover or someone who wants to try their hand on Caribbean skincare products, we got you covered with gifts of the finest quality to give.

The Power of Gifts

All in all, gifts are amazing. Doesn’t matter whether you are the receiver or the giver, gifts are sure to make you feel all giddy inside. That’s why we support corporate gift giving with our all and incentivise the production of local products so that people can enjoy the Caribbean wonders all over the world without any impediment.

Is the thought that counts? We think it does. If you think about your employees and consider what they like and what they need right now, there’s no way you’ll ever be wrong with your gifts. Gifts are an asset at your disposal: you can make the days of your workers brighter with small items that represent big commitments. Gift giving is one of the best ways to show people how much they mean to you and we guarantee that it’ll be worth it.