Amazing Ideas for Puerto Rican Gifts

Planning a business trip for employees can be the perfect moment to get gifts from Puerto Rico to strengthen the bond and relationship. Also, they will be able to buy anything they like for their families, friends, and beloved ones.

Best Puerto Rican Gift Ideas

Puerto Rico has a strong tradition of crafting different homemade souvenirs, gifts, and related arts for tourism and personal use. This presents an amazing occasion for any visitor to acquire some of their products at a grounded price and totally worth it. In case of not knowing what to gift, you can always get them a gift card.

Puerto Rican Cigars

Originally brought from Spain and called “cigarillos,” cigars are considered to be made as art still. Before the 1960s, Puerto Rico was the biggest tobacco exporter in the world, until its industry started to decline slowly.

However, their cigars still are of top-notch quality and many tourists tend to buy boxes filled with them to bring back to their homes or to gift them. Don Collins is one (if not the most) famous brand on the island. Their cigars are handmade and are created by the oldest cigar factory in the Caribbean, dating from 1506.

Produced with more than 10 kinds of tobacco grown by independent local farmers, visitors can also opt to acquire Caribbean Trading Captain’s cigars. There are also many bundles which makes it the perfect gift for smokers.

Mundillo Lace Clothing

Developed around 200 years ago, bobbin lace making is a very renowned form of adorning-styled garments and clothing. This was especially used by the clergy but expanded to children’s and toddler’s clothing nowadays. This type of knitting has multiple styles and forms that create unique visual arts.

Predominant from the town of Moca, most artisans still teach how to practice this way of art. There’s even a Mundillo museum where visitors can check their work, buy or participate in its often celebrations. Jumpsuits, dresses, headbands, and many blankets are some of the most demanded crafts.

This makes an excellent gift for employees that have small children or someone that could use this kind of gift.

Ceramic Art

Lots of ceramic shops and other related crafts can be found in Puerto Rico, especially in the zone of San Juan. These many artists have learned the profession for years, mostly self-taught. Art galleries can be found in different sections where these people work and sell their products in public.

Puerto Rico Art & Craft is the most distinguished art gallery of this type, where craft is displayed on the walls or shelves for the public to buy it. Even if it can be fragile for traveling, with good care and attention, it can be a good decor gift for anyone.

Ceramic cups, vases, and even bowls are also good ideas for Puerto Rican gifts for groups of employees who travel to Puerto Rico for business. It presents the right moment to use those objects during this stay while being in a reunion or break time.

Wooden Pylons

Pylons, also known as wooden mortar, are used to make one of the most famous dishes from Puerto Rico; mashed plantains can also be used to grind coffee.

Their craft has many styles; some utilize certain tree wood to achieve an artistic form; meanwhile, others prefer it plain and simple. It can be found in many of the shops around the island, especially in San Juan. Makes a nice idea gift as decoration or for those who plan to prepare some of the recipes that need it.

Handmade Bags

Traveling to the beach is sometimes an uneasy task due to the many things people need to carry. Sun protectors, glasses, hats, chairs, umbrellas, towels, and many more things. Luckily Puerto Rican locals often sell different types of bags where anything can be stored, freeing up a lot of space.

Bag designs cover all ranges: from crossbody ones to over the shoulder, including around the waist ones. Their lightness also makes them perfect for bike riders and the exterior since their texture is resistant. With many designs and places to choose and buy, it is a very useful gift to give in Puerto Rico.

Festive Masks

Many important festivals are held all around the island during different seasons of the year. Some of them, for example, St. James Festival, is renowned for using masks called “Vejigantes,” which date from the 1700s. These were based on Spanish tradition and represent a battle against the Muslims.

They represent the evil in the fight between the good against the bad and are commonly used during many carnivals too. The piece of art comes off as an excellent magnet souvenir to decorate the fridge or any similar place.

Wood Carvings

Just like the masks, wood carvings also have an important role for Puerto Ricans. The Three Kings festival is often more celebrated than Christmas. Almost every Puerto Rican gift store has these figures of saints in all sizes and styles, representing the Three Kings and related characters.


No business trip is complete without a gift bag of indulgences for the working team. Local spa products, candles, and other luxury apparel can become the best Puerto Rican gifts to give. Other options are related to beach stuff or treats, snacks, and Puerto Rican tea, rum or wine.

Appreciation gifts can also be found, such as pictures, beach souvenirs, and many other small objects that will remember the team of the great time they had in PR.

Local Spices

It is hard to mention a local Puerto Rican food that does not include some sort of spices on the plate. Many cooking dishes from Latin America use cilantro and recao to gain a more aromatic smell. Other of the most used spices on the island are orange, mango, lime, and lots of pepper types.

The spices are usually packed in gift-size jars and include many combinations that anyone can use when cooking, especially chicken and fish. Bringing a little taste of Puerto Rico to the house with these spices is an excellent idea, as well as a very appreciated gift.

Puerto Rican Rum

Puerto Rico is one of the main exporters of rum to the United States, conforming almost 70% of their sales. The quality of its drink is one of the best, and many reputable brands export it around the world. One of the most famous ones is Don Q, which has been produced for almost 150 years now.

Visitors can even check a museum of this famous rum brand, which is completely dedicated to showing the process of rum elaboration. Tourists can drink free samples and order special drinks that are served around the place.

A good bottle of rum is a nice gift and it can help raise the overall mood of the group during the trip.

Puerto Rican Coffee

Coffee is an integral part of the lives of the Puerto Rican people. It is present during meetings at the plazas, restaurants, bars, and breakfast. For long years coffee was Puerto Rico’s main export until some plantations had to close due to production issues.

With the recent resurgence of small companies mostly led by local families and farmers, coffee has gained a strong spot. Coffeehouses serve not only locals but also any tourist that wants to take a sip or buy a pack to bring home or gift.


It’s important for any leader to think about making a gift to their employees or co-workers when going on a business trip with them. Luckily, those who visit Puerto Rico have a wide range of options to choose from, from spices to drinks, including decoration and clothing.