trip to puerto rico

If you are thinking of a short corporate trip, Puerto Rico has the advantage of having multiple landscapes in a short distance.

Although it is an island largely known for its paradisiacal beaches, it offers many more landscapes. Its destinations include mountains, national parks, bio luminous bays, lakes, castles, museums, and more.

This is why companies and individuals choose it for group travel and tropical events.

If the time for this trip is short, don’t worry. Below, you will find an outline of the trip’s itinerary. You can’t cover everything the country offers in 4 days, but you can cover some of the most iconic places.

Day One: Old San Juan 

The capital of the country is a good destination to start the trip. Firstly, it is where guests will land as it has a large international airport.

Secondly, it is a way for them to get to know the essence of Puerto Rico and the country’s culture. Visiting its restaurants, streets, museums and architecture. 

A third reason to stay in San Juan is the number of hotels and lodgings designed for corporate travel. 

Some of the activities you can do in old San Juan are:

Gastronomic Tour

Puerto Rico is known worldwide for its countless dishes. So undoubtedly, tasting it should be an important part of the trip. 

Downtown Walking Tour

The colorful and picturesque streets of Puerto Rico are best appreciated on foot. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult to find parking in old San Juan. 

Visit San Felipe Del Morro Castle 

The Spaniards built this ancient castle in the 16th century. Its infrastructure, composed of tunnels, canyons, walls, and lighthouses, is full of history. It is a super interesting destination for a tour.

Quinto Centenario Square 

If you are interested in history, visiting this beautiful square will be ideal. This square, located near the Morro Fort, was built in honor of the first voyage of the Cristobal Colon. In its center, you will find the famous Totem.


Old San Juan offers a variety of stores to buy different types of gifts. A shopping tour is an ideal time to provide an interactive corporate experience. This way, you will be able to give your guests something they choose and love, and you will surely get it right! 

Day two: Beach 

This island has access to over 500 kilometers of the Caribbean coastline. Here are a few that are not too far from San Juan, along with their distance-time: 

  • El Escambron, San Juan (20 minutes).
  • La Monserrote, Luquillo (50 minutes)
  • Boqueron Beach, Cabo Rojo (2 hours 30 minutes)
  • Gilligan Island, Guanica (2 hours)
  • Seven Seas Beach, Fajardo (1 hour 10 minutes)
  • Crash Boat, Aguadilla (2 hours)
  • Jobos Beach, Isabela (1 hour 40 minutes)

Some of the activities that guests can do on a beach day are:


This experience is about swimming underwater and getting to know the charm and colors of the underwater world. The activity is done with a transparent plastic mask and a snorkel that allows breathing. It is similar to scuba diving but without depth.


This water sport consists of maneuvering and gliding over the waves standing on a board. Surfing is not very harmful, as it is practiced in the water and avoids impact on joints. With a little technique, balance and willpower, you will be able to learn from this pleasurable activity.


If you go to the beach on a business trip, you may want to relax. The Caribbean beach is the ideal place to relieve stress. 

Watching the clear water, the warm sand on your feet, the sun with its vitamin D in your body and listening to the waves break is ideal for people looking for peace.

Paddle Surfing 

This sport is done, unlike surfing, on calm seas. It also uses a surfboard on which you can propel yourself with paddles. It is a nice way to get into the sea and enjoy a sunset in the middle of the water.

Day Three: Visit El Yunque, National Park

This park is located east of San Juan, about 40 minutes from the city. It is a natural reserve that highlights the flora and fauna of a lush jungle. The constant rain makes the green vegetation occupies every corner.

The excursions are specially designed for groups. Therefore, it is an ideal activity for corporate travelers.

Activities that can be done in the park:

Refresh yourself in Rios Y Pozas. 

This park is characterized as having the best water quality in Puerto Rico. This park supplies water to 20% of the Puerto Rican population. It has 8 main rivers, but also offers streams and waterfalls. Visitors can cool off, jump from lianas, and swim in natural pools.

Enjoy A Natural Water Slide

Without leaving out the fun, this jungle offers play spaces for children and adults. For example, this incredible natural water slide requires a short climb up the rocks and then simply sliding down and enjoying the ride.


A hike through this rainforest will give you a day of connecting with the wildlife. Along the way, you can take breaks at paradisiacal places such as waterfalls and viewpoints.

There are different hiking trails in El Yunque, but Big Tree Trail and La Mina Trail are the most popular.

Visit the Yokahu Tower 

The visitors assure you can appreciate a complete view from the top of this tower. This structure was built between 1962 and 1964. Climbing its extensive staircase provides a panoramic view of the Yunque, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Day four: Bioluminescent Bay

This phenomenon occurs when the water is stimulated with movements, and as a result, it lights up with a bluish-green color. This wonderful aquatic phenomenon generates the sensation of swimming or sailing surrounded by stars.

This is caused by microscopic unicellular organisms in all the oceans but only in five places worldwide. There are so many that luminosity is created. In Puerto Rico, you can find three of them:

Mosquito Bay 

This bay, located in Vieques, is considered the brightest in the world. In addition, the lack of artificial lights in the surroundings makes the phenomenon stand out even more.

Grande Lagoon

In this case, the phenomenon occurs in a lagoon and is the most chosen bay by visitors due to its proximity to San Juan. It is located in Fajardo, only 50 km from San Juan.

La Parguera

This bay is the only one of the three where motorboats are allowed. This is why it is good for groups. In addition, guided boat tours allow you to dive and swim and experience the magical light up close.


To complete the activities for the guests, you can provide them with active corporate gifts. This is a combo of useful and tasty items that will accompany the planned activities and experiences. 

The guests will be able to appreciate the presence of the company and the company’s concern in ensuring that all the details are perfect.

A corporate trip must consider the purposes and objectives for which the company generates the trip. But neither should it leave aside its guests’ delight, enjoyment and relaxation.

This type of trip can bring many advantages for your company. For example, it can build relationships between employees who share day-to-day life but do not know each other. Another advantage will be better work performance after the relaxing experience.

If your business still needs to become an expert in this type of travel, you can use this itinerary to get an idea of how to put it together. Also, feel free to contact companies that organize this type of trip. 

Specialized agencies can help you with: hotels, transportation, activities and details such as corporate gifts from before the trip to after the trip to complete the experience.