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For group business travel travelers, in between the thrill of the arrival and the sadness of the departure are those delightful room gifts that keep joyful memories in mind for the many a happy, reflective month to come. Or at least that’s what every planner hopes. What you certainly don’t want, as a planner, is to discover that these costly freebies and group business travel gifts are being tossed aside and left for house-keeping to take or leave. For some valuable tips on keeping a standard practice fresh, here are some tips when buying Corporate Gifts:


KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: In today’s business-incentive world, planners work with a wide variety of people rather than a homogeneous group of suits and ties. Knowing one’s audience is about more than avoiding incentive faux pas; it’s about creating a stronger connection by making things personal.


MAKE SURE ITS TRANSPORTABLE: Making gifts small and lightweight for your clients really go a long way. The limit of weight a and luggage space on planes today is kind of a down-fall to less portable gifts, Another suggestion for less portable gifts is to ship them to the homes of the travel participants, and presenting them instead with a really nice picture of the gift item in a card and that lets them know they can expect the item upon their arrival home.


BE IMAGINATIVE, THINK LOCAL: Unique gifts from the local artists is usually affordable, and will appeal to travel participants of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.


LESS LOGOS MEAN MORE: People don’t want 60 different items with logos on them. Experts agree that logoed pens and clocks make nice additions, but not all items need to be logoed. Logos are not always necessary to help recipients remember where their gift came from.


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