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Aruba may be a small island, but there are still many unique corporate gifts for groups and conventions going to Aruba. Something local that highlights the destination and the unique Aruban culture is a great place to start. Paired with more traditional promotional items that highlight your brand and program, and it is the perfect combination of gifts to remind your group of their fond memories of the incentive program. In addition, by sourcing your corporate gifts and welcome amenities locally, we are able to avoid heavy shipping and customs/duties costs. We have partnered with local artists and companies in Aruba of excellent service so that we can ensure a quality product and timely delivery. Here are some ideas that are popular with groups going to Aruba:


Aloe Products

Aloe was once Aruba’s main export. Today, it is more of a niche industry, but it maintains it’s amazing quality. Products made in Aruba out of Aloe Vera range from hair products like shampoo and conditioners to skin care products, like sun screen, after sun lotion, soothing gel, etc., including the burn balm also used by the University Hospital of Gent, the Netherlands. A line of sunblock and burn relief is the perfect gift to welcome your group to Aruba.


Local Art

There are so many great artists doing watercolors of iconic Aruban scenes. The perfect gift for a convention is to gift them with local art that they can remember they stay by. Bright and colorful, or Caribbean blue and peaceful, there is a piece of art for everyone.


Coffee Table Books

An elegant coffee table book is the perfect gift for your Aruba convention or group. A book is an excellent souvenir of their visit to Aruba and is always a winning option for conventions.


Delft Ceramics

Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands and the tin-glazed pottery made in the Netherlands from the 16th century. Being a Netherlands possession, Aruba has many Delft items that celebrate Aruba.


Tropical Themed Gifts

While shipping in items can be pricey after customs, there are still many wonderful gifts that offer a high perceived value that can shipped in. Gifts and décor that celebrate the tropical and Caribbean lifestyle are ideal, and of course, anything that includes Aruba’s iconic Divi-Divi tree is ideal!


Advanced Teaser and Pre-Program Mailers Gifts

There are so many small souvenirs with Aruba – from key chains to mouse pads to calendars and playing cards and more. All of these items are perfect for an advanced promotional mailing. Sourced from throughout the US, there are many economical options available.

If you have a convention or group going to Aruba and would like to receive some unique corporate gifts options based on your interests and budget, click here to request a proposal.


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