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Every destination is known for specific products that highlight the local culture, and the Caribbean offers no less. No matter which island your corporate group is going to, there are some great local Caribbean corporate giveaway options that highlight the flavor and culture of the Caribbean. Each specific island offers their own brands and take on these traditional flavors and they make for a very authentic and thoughtful corporate gift (or souvenir for that matter).

Here are 6 Caribbean corporate giveaway options / souvenirs that are authentically Caribbean that work well as a corporate gift, pre-program teaser, or post-program reminder gift of their recent trip:

Spices & Sauces

The Caribbean is known for its spices and peppers, and there is no better gift from the Caribbean than these. Everyone has to eat right? The Caribbean, but Grenada in particular is known for its spices. Buy nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and other spices where they are actually grown. Also, Vanilla grows well in the Caribbean and so a bottle of vanilla extract should be on the list. Using locally grown peppers, hot sauce (also called pepper sauce) is a big obsession on many Caribbean islands. Featuring scotch bonnet peppers or habanero and combining with tropical fruits, there is a large variety of hot sauces available to enjoy.

Rum cakes

If the Caribbean is the rum capital of the world, then it is no surprise that rum cakes are such a popular gift. Every island boasts their own rum cakes and recipes, and it is a perfect addition to a gift basket or in-room amenity. Rich and decadent, it is an unforgettable treat. Tortuga Rum Company, headquartered in Grand Cayman (but with stores also in Jamaica and Nassau), creates moist, delicious and loaded cakes based on a generations-old family recipe.


Coffee-lovers will want to bring home a pound or two of Caribbean coffee. There is something about the soil and geography here that lends itself to an extremely smooth coffee. Of the three Super Premium coffees in the world, the Caribbean boasts two: Jamaica’s Blue Mountain and Puerto Rico’s Alto Grande . But keep in mind other islands are also coffee producers, and they all boast a flavor entirely different from other parts of the world.


The Caribbean is the Rum Capital of the World, and each island produces exceptional rum. From small artisan distilleries to worldwide recognized brands, rum makes the perfect gift. Look for deals on Bacardi and DonQ rum in Puerto Rico, Mount Gay and St. Nicholas Abbey rum in Barbados and Blue Curacao in Curacao, among other Caribbean-produced liquor brands. In Trinidad, pick up the Angostura Bitters to make a perfect Manhattan. Also, don’t miss the taste treat that is Guavaberry liquor in St. Maarten. Consider a bottle as a welcome amenity, paired with all the fixings for a Pina Colada or Bushwacker, or maybe a cocktail recipe book.


Jewelry is always an excellent corporate gift or spouse gift, and in the Caribbean there are some options that are entirely unique and very Caribbean. Consider Dominican Amber, or Larimar, a Caribbean blue gemstone found only in the Caribbean. Also, a Caribbean hook bracelet is an excellent gift, perfect for both men and women.


Bring home something beautiful to remind you of your stay in the Caribbean. With each island having a rich culture, history and traditions, there are so many themes and inspiration for artists. From pottery to local textiles like lace from Puerto Rico or batik in St. Kitts. Also, masks and wood carvings, and watercolorists as well; basket weaving and more. The list goes on of all the wonderful art available in each island.


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