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The excitement of an upcoming corporate incentive should start from the very moment it’s announced to employees. Teaser gifts are a motivation tool that should be used throughout the year to encourage high achievement and results, then winners should enjoy excitement and a build up to the trip itself.

Teaser gifts are the ideal way to hype up incentive travel. They offer small (or large!) reminders to employees of what they are working towards, the goal of winning a place on a trip of a lifetime.

There are hundreds of different types of teaser gifts and pillow gifts and ways to create excitement for the trip. Whether you’re looking for a pre-mailer or teaser gift with impact, a welcoming pillow-top gift, or an easy-to-pack memento for an international visit, we have great suggestions for affordable Puerto Rican gifts to build excitement at your next conference, incentive trip, or other corporate event!

Puerto Rican Coffee

Nothing says Puerto Rico like coffee grown in the lush central mountains. Coffee is a perfect teaser gift for any promotion – there are many sizes and styles and brands available that will fit any budget. Some of the most popular choices:

Coffee Postcards: These pocket postcards contain 0.5 oz. of Puerto Rican coffee – enough for one cup! With custom images and personalization available, these postcards make an excellent advance mailer.
Coffee Pack in a Burlap Bag – The Perfect Blend: Consider a small pack of coffee in a cute linen bag with a personalized gift tag to get your client’s thinking about their awards trip.

Puerto Rican Candies – Dulces Tipicos

These traditional Puerto Rican candies are made with tropical fruits and flavors and are a small token that will get your group thinking tropical vacation. To learn more about them, you can read one of our recent blogs here. Available individually or in gift boxes or packs, there are several options at many price points.

Sand in a Bottle

These little artisan bottles carry Puerto Rican designs and contain Puerto Rican sand. What better way to get your group thinking of a tropical destination that a piece of the beach!

Puerto Rico Coffee Table Book

Puerto Rico, Enchanting! is a small-format softcover pictorial book with color photographs and a bilingual English-Spanish text. This compact volume is a presentation of the island’s scenic beauty. Other books are available as well.

Icons of Puerto Rico

Another way to build excitement with your group is to showcase the icons of Puerto Rico. Consider offering a small gift with a description card explaining the significance of the icon. These include:

  • Coqui Frog: The Coqui fills the Puerto Rican nights with his unique and melodious singing which clearly says “co-qui”.
  • Vejigante Mask: The Vejigante is Puerto Rico’s version of the Carnaval mask and there is a rich and storied history to it’s use on the island
  • Puerto Rican music: Puerto Rico is known as the home of salsa, merengue, bomba and plena. Give your guests a musical tour of the island to introduce them to the energy and beat of Puerto Rico


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