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Incentive business travel is an important component of a company’s incentive and motivation program. The gift of a unique experience has an enduring impression, and remains as one of the top motivators for employees. Incentive Gifts on the trip are an important way to reinforce and remind the recipient’s of their trip and how they got there. For those incentive trips where the Beach is an important aspect of your destination, there are many ways to bring the beach into your gifting concepts with class and style. Here are some incentive gift ideas:

Welcome to the Beach

For that welcome gift on the first night, items that can be used during the trip to increase their comfort are ideal. Consider a beach bag (everyone forgets to pack one) filled with water, snacks, sun lotion, aloe lotion, underwater camera, beach games, or a cap or straw hat. A lush beach towel is always a good option as well. Highly underrated, but worthy of being considered: a hammock in a travel bag, mosquito repellant, and can/bottle koozies to keep drinks cool in the sun. All of these items are incredibly useful and will be used during the attendees’ stay, and particularly during their visits to the beach.

Beach-Themed Photo Frames

A photo frame is the perfect presentation for your winner’s photos, and is a part of almost every incentive travel program. But consider scrapping the traditional logo’d photo frame and use one that inspires the beach location. There are many wonderful frames made with capiz shell, mother of pearl or other shells that create a classy and elegant look.

Beach-themed Serveware

Serveware is great as a gift for an incentive and there are many options that incorporate the beach into the design. This is an excellent gift options as they can be incorporated into anyone’s kitchen and provide a conversational piece. Consider gifting a cutting board with a shell cheese spreader along with the local fruit and cheese platter for a take-away gift.

Beach-Themed Gift Events

A Gift Event is a pre-purchased gift that is presented in a large variety of styles and options to allow your guest to choose the gift that best matches their interests. There are several gift events that work well for Beach destinations…

The Caribbean Trading Fashion Fiesta allows your guests to hand-pick the sarong, straw hat, or swim trunks of their choice with lessons given on the many fashionable ways to tie a sarong. We take care of all the details- staffing, gazebos, merchandise, and decoration to ensure a truly terrific event and gift. It’s a celebration of island fashion!
The Pieces of the Beach Event is the perfect activity for an event at the beach, kid’s or spousal program or as part of a welcome or beach day activity. A great personalized souvenir for their time here, we will make mementos from the sand on the beach with various found shells and items.

Our Sunrise Yoga classes are also a great option for your guests. Salute the sun as it rises over the Caribbean Sea. Feel the sand between your toes as you stretch into a perfectly balanced Half Moon Pose on the shores of Puerto Rico. Join our professional yoga instructor for yoga lessons on the beach

Local Artwork

One of the best ways to remind your clientele of their trip is through a local souvenir , artwork, or item that brings the sights, taste, or sound of the destination to mind. Many local artisans have incorporated a destination’s famous beaches into their artwork, particularly in Prints and ceramics form. If your group visited a particular beach, this is a great way to bring back the day’s memories.

There are so many creative ways to gift keeping the Beach in mind. If you would like to receive a proposal for your next Beach incentive business travel trip of gift ideas built around the Beach theme, contact us.


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