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There are so many great corporate travel incentives gifts for groups and conventions going to the Dominican Republic. Something local that highlights the destination and the unique Dominican Republic culture is a great place to start. Paired with more traditional promotional items that highlight your brand and program, and it is the perfect combination of gifts to remind your group of their fond memories of the incentive program. In addition, by sourcing your corporate gifts and welcome amenities locally, we are able to avoid heavy shipping and customs/duties costs. We have partnered with local companies in the DR of excellent service so that we can ensure a quality product and timely delivery. Here are some ideas that have popular with groups going to the Dominican Republic:


Welcome Gift

A great welcome to their stay in the Dominican Republic is to provide a welcome tote bag logo’d with the program name or Dominican Republic. Fill it with local snacks and some more nationally recognized brands, some sun care and other items that your group will find useful during their stay.


Coffee & Spices

Not widely known, but Dominican Republic boasts excellent coffee and spices. The coffee from the Dominican Republic is a wonderful treat to be shared and enjoyed! And the spices are excellent and can come in a gift box that makes the perfect corporate presentation.


Taino Art

The Dominican Republic was the ancestral home of the Taino Indians. There is much historical artifacts of the words and symbols that they used and it is a frequent theme in much of the Dominican Republic’s Art. From ceramics to paintings, a sample of Taino artwork is the perfect gift for your group.



Mamajuana is considered by natives of the Dominican Republic as a “natural aphrodisiac” liqueur. It is based on a variety of select herbs, roots, and spices native to this Caribbean Island which are mixed with Rum or Wine and honey. It was originally used by the Taino indigenous natives for their vitality. Many of these natural ingredients are widely used today in western herbal supplements.



This blue beauty of the Caribbean exists only in one region in the world, near Baoruco, Dominican Republic. It was ‘officially’ discovered in 1974 by an American and Dominican, in which they combined the name “Larissa” and the Spanish word for sea “mar” to become Larimar. This stone is very unique and is the perfect gift for any Dominican Republic or Caribbean corporate group.

If you are planning a trip for your corporate travel incentives to the Dominican Republic, and looking for amenities, we highly suggest that you plan well in advance. While our local suppliers are always on-time with regards to delivery, getting prices and sourcing items can be a lengthy process. In addition, the customs in the DR can be lengthy, so if we are shipping items in, having a healthy lead time is a good idea as well. Contact us for a more personalized proposal of corporate travel incentives gift ideas for your corporate groups going to the Dominican Republic.


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