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There are so many great corporate giveaway ideas for groups and conventions going to the Bahamas. Something local that highlights the destination and the unique Bahamaian culture is a great place to start. Paired with more traditional promotional items that highlight your brand and program, and it is the perfect combination of gifts to remind your group of their fond memories of the incentive program. Here are some ideas that have popular with groups going to the Bahamas:

Welcome Gift

A great welcome to their stay in the Bahamas is to provide a welcome tote bag logo’d with the program name or Bahamas. Fill it with local snacks like a Bahamas Rum Cake and some more nationally recognized brands, some sun care and other items that your group will find useful during their stay.


The Bahamas offer some excellent coffee. Packaged in a burlap bag, this coffee is a wonderful treat to be shared and enjoyes!

Artisan Prints

The Bahamas has a rich cultural and artistic community, and there are hundreds of artists providing a wide variety of artisan items. We work with several local artists that do acrylic and watercolor prints. Featuring iconic images of the Bahamas, a local piece of art is a great way to commemorate a stay in the Bahamas.


Pottery and ceramics are a great local artisan option. Made with glazes and styles reflecting the tropical vibe of the Bahamas, a serving dish or even a soap dish is a great way to bring home something from the Bahamas. .

Spa Products

Soaps, candles, and body lotions – a gift set of body care and spa products with the gragrance of the islands is a great souvenir also. Pair them with a soap dish, or as a gift set or stand-alone gift and your guests will surely appreciate it.


Kitchen Items

Bahamas is known for it’s island cuisine! Certainly your group will be sampling some of the excellent food we have while in the Bahamas. There are excellent local marinades and sauces using local flavors that will remind your group of their visit, and that can be recreated in the kitchen at home.


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