gifts for puerto rico

There are so many great corporate gifts for Puerto Rico groups and conventions. Something local that highlights the destination and the unique Puerto Rican culture is a great place to start. Paired with more traditional promotional items that highlight your brand and program, and it is the perfect combination of gifts to remind your group of their fond memories of the incentive program. Here are some ideas that have popular with groups coming to Puerto Rico:

Welcome Gift

A great welcome to their stay in Puerto Rico is to provide a welcome tote bag logo’d with the program name or Puerto Rico. Fill it with local snacks and some more nationally recognized brands, some sun care and other items that your group will find useful during their stay.


Not widely known, but Puerto Rico boasts one of only three superpremium coffees of the world (besides Blue Mountain and Kona). The coffee from Puerto Rico is a wonderful treat to be shared and enjoyed!


Puerto Rico is the rum capital of the world! Everyone knows Bacardi, so explore beyond the norm and try out some of the locals’ favorite rums: Don Q and Don Barilitto. Perfect as a stand-alone gift or paired with a rum recipe book, mixers, or as part of a Pina Colada set.

Artisan Items

Puerto Rico has a rich cultural and artistic community, and there are hundreds of artists providing a wide variety of artisan items. From ceramics to wood to photography, there are a host of options in each art medium. Common themes are found in local art, celebrating the Puerto Rican culture. Expect to see the Coqui frog, the Garita of El Morro, the Doors of Old San Juan, and Vejigantes as recurring themes.

Books and CD’s

What better way to remind your corporate groups of their stay in a destination than with a gorgeously photographed book or CD? There are many highly illustrated books available of Puerto Rico and great music compilations that will highlight Puerto Rico.

Kitchen Items

Puerto Rico is known for its’ fantastic cuisine! Certainly your group will be sampling some of the excellent food we have while in Puerto Rico. There are many kitchen accessories like the Pilon or Tostonera, cookbooks from famous chefs, and excellent local marinades and sauces using local flavors that will remind your group of their visit, and that can be recreated in the kitchen at home.


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