Amazing Craft Stores in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is known for its handicrafts. Since ancient times, the indigenous people have worked with wood and materials by hand to create their products. Currently, many artisans preserve this way of working.

If you organize a corporate trip, you can take advantage of the various craft stores in Puerto Rico when buying accessories, clothing, ornaments or gifts. In addition, craft stores in Puerto Rico are the best option if you want to take a souvenir of your trip to someone. Therefore, you will give a little piece of Puerto Rican culture through this detail.

Why Buy Handmade Things

With the many activities scheduled during corporate travel, souvenirs often come last. Therefore, to be special, gifts must be thought out and planned. One tip when buying them is to value handmade options over industrial ones. Here are the main reasons:

Quality and Originality

The time it takes to make a handmade product is very long. But on the other hand, it implies a greater amount of detail and durability. In addition, since it is not produced in quantities, the manual work allows each product to be a unique and unrepeatable piece.

You Know the Culture of the Place

Craftsmanship keeps alive the essence of culture and traditions. Thanks to the artisans, the processes, materials and products developed by their ancestors are kept alive. By shopping at craft stores in Puerto Rico, you will get to know the essence of Puerto Rican culture and share it with your employees.

Besides, why buy something that you can buy anywhere? If you go to Puerto Rico and buy local products, you will ensure that no one can get them elsewhere. That will give a special value to your gift.

You Care for the Environment

Handmade products avoid the energy waste and pollution caused by machines. In addition, artisans often use organic and natural elements to make handicrafts.

You Support the Local Economy.

Buying handicrafts is a way to support the artisan and his family, keeping the local economy moving. Because of this and the quality of their products, more and more people are joining in to support local enterprises.

Buying local products contributes to a sustainable economy and favors fair trade. In addition, you directly support those who made your stay an unforgettable trip.

You Receive a Fair Price.

When buying an industrial product, you risk paying for the prestige or reputation of the brand and not for the product’s real value. On the other hand, with a handmade product, there is more coherence between the costs of making the product and the profit percentage for the artisan.

4 Handmade Gift Ideas

Putting together a gift package for your employees can be challenging. Among so many options, it takes time to choose the right one. To make your decision easier, these are the most chosen options in craft stores in Puerto Rico:

Candles and Aromatizers 

Candle lovers know the benefits of buying handmade candles. They are made with soy wax, which is more durable and less toxic; nothing is wasted because everything is consumed. Besides, a handmade candle will have a unique and incomparable aroma.

There are even Caribbean-scented candles. It will be the perfect idea for your employees to remember the beautiful moments they spent on their corporate trip.

Soaps and Creams 

Choosing a personal care gift such as soaps, shampoos, oils and perfumes will be an excellent idea. Mass-produced products often have chemical elements that damage the skin in the long run. By opting for a natural gift like this, you will be sending the message that you care about the health of your employees. 


The food can also be handmade, which means that the way it is prepared and the ingredients used will be local. In Puerto Rico you can find a great variety of exotic and tropical foods typical of the Caribbean. Some options are: 

The artisanal preparation of these foods will make them healthier thanks to the choice of natural products. It will even preserve the true flavor of the ingredients that compose it.

Ceramic Ornaments

There are many types of craftsmen, as many as you can think of. The potter is one of the oldest. The complexity of working with pottery makes the results desired. Some of the most purchased ceramic works are vases, plates, cups and ornaments.

7 Craft Stores in Puerto Rico You Must Visit

Now that you know that buying handicrafts is the best option, you should know where to get them. You can take advantage of 7 handicraft stores in Puerto Rico. They will be your best ally when looking for the perfect employee gift.

1. El Yunque 

On the way to the jungle, you will find this store that sells different products. El Yunque is in charge of highlighting the tropical and Caribbean essence of Puerto Rico. You’ll find everything from Caribbean spices and sauces to nautical gifts. The variety of gift ideas will help you choose something original.

2. Rincon

Caribbean Trading Rincón is next to the most central plaza in the west coast town of Rincón. You will discover authentic art, Rincón souvenirs, Caribbean treasures and beach gear in this touristy place. There’s no way you’ll leave empty-handed after visiting this store. 

3. Palomino Island

If Palomino Island is on your travel itinerary, you can get the most diverse Caribbean souvenirs at the Caribbean Trading store

The store offers typical Caribbean clothing, beach and sand toys, handmade food, sun care products and much more.

In addition, if you are in charge of the corporate trip, you will have extra benefits: access to the store during evening hours, gifts, discount coupons and access to a special program of outstanding artisans on the island. 

4. The Handcraft Store 

If you walk the streets of San Juan, you will surely find this business with more than 20 years of experience. Each piece seeks to represent something of old San Juan. You will surely get unique objects that carry a story.

5. Puerto Rico Art and Craft

This store, also located in the country’s capital, offers a variety of handicraft options. Their most outstanding option is an artwork. Their paintings and home decorations will be a great shopping option.

6. Yet Art & Craft 

Located in Jayuya, the central mountainous region of the island, you will find Yita. In addition to selling handmade jewelry and hand-woven clothing, it has the bonus of selling materials for those who want to do it at home. They also offer courses on their Facebook page for those who want to venture into the artistic area. 

7. El Rincon Surf Shop

Since 1978, this venture has been selling local handicrafts. You can find men’s and women’s clothing, t-shirts, handmade jewelry, sandals, watches, fanny packs, surf accessories, local art, local prints and wood art.

Artisan Fairs 

Another good option is to include the visit to artisan fairs in the itinerary. In the fairs, you will find a representation of each of them. To make the artisans’ products known and sold, several events are organized in Puerto Rico for them to exhibit their creations. In addition, visiting the fairs is an excellent plan. There are usually typical food stands to taste and local music to accompany your tour of the fair.


You may have heard about the value and importance of handmade gifts, as they show that you put time into the person for whom the gift is intended. The problem is that, unfortunately, handmade talent is only for some. That’s why taking advantage of the work of artisans can help you give something unique and made with dedication. 

Now you know the advantages of buying handicrafts and some of all the varieties and options you can find in craft stores in Puerto Rico. Keep them in mind when choosing how to decorate your home, give a souvenir or prepare corporate gifts.