Give us a sense of what you want from your corporate gifts

Tell us what you really want from your perfect corporate gift program and the basics about you and your program.  This will enable us to offer you the kind of service that you need. Please choose from the appropriate answers and skip any questions that are not relevant to you or that you do not wish to answer.

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Please give us the basics about you and your program

Now we're talking! Please give us the basics about you and your program.

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What are your people most likely to do when they hit the beach?

The most memorable gifts appeal to the senses. What sense do you find most irresistable?

Is your group more.... ?

Do you want the gifts to make your group feel.... ?

Location of Program?

What’s the 411 on your group? (Please click all that apply)

What is the Average / Target age of recipients?

What kind of program are you planning?

Any ideas or types of gifts that come to mind right away?

What has the group done in the past? What works best for your crowd?

Do you want to offer the same sort of gift as last year or would you rather completely switch it up?

What type of promotion/gift are you considering?

Should your proposal include alcohol options?

Should your proposal include tobacco options?

Do you prefer one large gift or a bundled assortment of smaller gifts?

What message would you like to convey with your gift program? It should:

Are you the decision –maker for these gifts?

How important is it that gifts feature your company’s logo / program name on the gift?

Think about the potential for your gift to have unique, unforgettable personality. Would you be especially interested in a corporate gift that's.... (check all that apply)

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